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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


By concluding any contract with us, you entrust us your personal data. Due to our business nature, your personal data entrusted to us is also entrusted to our employees as well as subcontractors. It may also happen that during execution of contracts, your personal data will be entrusted to third parties cooperating with us directly or indirectly. The purpose of entrusting this data is the best contract execution in your favor.

The Privacy Policy informs what kind of data we collect and what the purpose of its usage is.


What data is processed by us?


We process data you provide or entrust us while concluding a Contract with us. Particularly, it is data such as the name, the surname, the address or the phone number. We also process data that enable us to identify you, obtained from other entities as a result of executing contracts in your favor.

We do not process data that is unnecessary to execute the contract.


Who is the data controller?


The controller of your data is Agromet Sp. z o. o., Al. Wolności 5/7, 63-500 Ostrzeszów.


What is the purpose and legal basis of your personal data processing and how long is it to be processed?

The following consist legal basis for your data processing:

1) art.6, par. 1 letter a) of GDPR - your consent, if we are to process your personal data for purposes other than contracts execution, e.g. in order to carry out a recruitment process;

2) art.6, par. 1 letter b) of GDPR – necessity to execute a contract to which you are a Party – in order to execute the contract;

3) art.6, par. 1 letter c) of GDPR – necessity to fulfill a legal obligation imposed on us – in order to carry out any obligation imposed on us by law;

4) art.6, par. 1 letter d) of GDPR – necessity to protect your vital interests – in order to take actions to protect your interests, if we cannot obtain a declaration of will form you to conclude a contract;

5) art.6, par. 1 letter f) of GDPR – necessity for purposes arising from legally justified interests being implemented by the controller or a third party.

Data Storage Duration

Your data obtained by us is processed for a period determined by applicable provisions of generally applicable law. Upon this period, data obtained by us are processed for a period necessary either to destroy documents or to remove it from our data carriers permanently.


Is there a requirement to provide data?

Providing personal data is voluntary, however, failure to provide data determined as necessary to execute a contract for you, shall unable to execute it.


To whom will your personal data be transferred?

Your personal data may be transferred to entities processing personal data on our order. However, such entities process data based on contracts with us and only pursuant to our instructions. Your data may also be transferred to entities authorized to obtain it pursuant to applicable law, e.g. to law enforcement authorities in the event of a request of such authority based on applicable law. Your data may be, in some events, transferred to recipients from third countries, i.e. from countries outside the European Economic Area, if it is necessary to provide you services or if it is conditioned by another important legal basis.


What are your rights in respect to personal data processing?

You have the following rights in respect to processing your personal data by us:

the right to access your data, including obtaining a data copy,
- the right to request data rectification
- the right to delete data (in certain situations),
- the right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority dealing with personal data protection,
- the right to limit data processing.

If your data is processed based on your consent, you can also use the following rights:
- the right to withdraw the consent to the extent the data is processed on its basis. Consent withdrawal does not affect compliance with processing right, which is carried out on the basis of the consent given prior to the withdrawal.

If your data is processed based on the consent or within the scope of provided service (data is necessary to provide the service) you can also use the following rights:
- the right to transfer personal data, i.e. to receive it from the controller of your personal data in a structured, commonly used machine-readable form. You can transfer the data to another data controller.

Contact with us in order to use the above rights (detailed data as above).

Moreover you have the right to file a complaint to the supervision authority: Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa



On our websites and in applications we use online tags, such as cookies or local storage, to collect and process personal data to personalize content and ads as well to analyze traffic on websites, in apps and in the Internet. This technology is used by our Trusted Partners who want to match the ads to you preferences as well.

By using our websites, through configuring settings of your browser appropriately, you agree to apply Cookies and other similar technologies pursuant to the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to our use of Cookies or other similar technologies or if you want to limit the scope of usage of Cookies and similar technologies, you should either change your browser settings appropriately or abandon usage of our Websites.


What are Cookies?

Cookies are IT data being saved in files and stored in a device of our websites User, which a browser sends from a given end device to the server each time you connect to our sites - while visiting various sites in the internet (i.e. your PC, tablet, smartphone etc.).

A Cookie usually contains the name of the internet site from which it comes, its lifetime, a unique id number used to identify the browser which connects with the internet site and other necessary data. Pursuant to the Privacy Policy, information relating to Cookies also applies to other similar technologies used on our websites.


Other technologies similar to Cookies (also so called “other similar technologies”)

To provide efficient use of our Websites we also use technologies other than Cookies e.g. a Local Storage applied for storage of data saved while using services in dedicated part of browser memory. Access to data in the Local Storage can be obtained only by this internet site from which data are saved in the browser. Data in the Local Storage is stored by the browser after its closure.


Why do we apply Cookies and other similar technologies?

We apply Cookies and other similar technologies for the following purposes:
- for our websites faster operation and easier use,
- for better matching contents and ads available on our websites to requirements and interests of a User,
- to facilitate presenting tailored ads on our websites to a User,
- to collect aggregate statistics which enable us to understand how people use our Websites (including: our services and our apps). They help us to improve sites functionality and content.

Our websites may also use the following:

- Session Cookies – they remain on your device only when using our Websites;

- Persistent Cookies – they remain on your device for their lifetime or until you delete them.


Types of Cookies or other similar technologies applied on our Websites:

Cookies type:

For what and why they are used:



To identify a logged in User to display him proper information corresponding with his interests


Support of mechanisms preventing from abuses on our sites

Necessary for websites operation

Necessary for proper functioning and displaying of our Websites. They enable you to navigate through the sites as well to use their elements. They optimize use of our Websites, e.g. they can remember previous activities (e.g. opened texts) when returning to the website in the same session.


Improving functionality

Remembering your settings and choices (e.g. username, region in which you are, matched settings, language and communication preferences as well as history of user activity) to provide you with more relevant content and services. They also allow you to watch movies and use social tools; they are helpful when filling out forms. Notwithstanding the above, through so-called social plugins, they provide a User with functions, important information and content tailored to his needs.

In order to improve the functionality of our websites, data on website activity, geolocation data (locality) and demographic data (age, gender) are used - the data being aggregated in such a way that the built group segment does not allow identifying a single User ID.


Providing you with advertisements corresponding to your activities on our websites, your interests, customs, at the same time limiting the views of the same ad or advertising that does not match your interests on the Websites as well as on the websites of third parties. For marketing purposes, along with the necessary analytics, measurements, for presentation of advertising to a specific target group, data on the history of viewed pages and activity on websites may be used (e.g. your clicks, purchase history, method of services using), as well as geolocation data and demographic data. A.m. data on Users' activity on the Websites may be compared with demographic data provided to us by Users when registering for our services (e.g. age, sex, size of the city) - data is aggregated in such a way that the group interest segment built does not allow for the identification of a single User ID, therefore the identification of the User is not possible. Such aggregated data may be used by us and also may be made available to third parties if there is a specific legal basis. Advertising cookies also allow measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns (e.g. by counting how many people clicked on a given advertisement and switched to the advertiser's website).


Do we use Cookies or similar technologies of third parties?


We do. By using our Sites you can receive Cookies from our Trusted Partners. Marketing goals of our Trusted Partners - our Trusted Partners may use cookies or other similar technologies to determine whether or not a specific advertisement has been displayed by them or on their order as well as to collect information on how do Users react to displayed advertisements. Our Trusted Partners may also, based on the User's consent, match the displayed advertisements to the User's interests determined on the basis of information provided to our Trusted Partners by the User while using the websites or applications. If the user has given the consent referred to in the preceding sentence, this information may also be made available for further marketing purposes to other entities displaying or ordering advertisement on the Internet. For these purposes, we may also cooperate with Trusted Partners to show the User an advertisement on our Sites or outside of them after the User has visited a specific page or application. In addition to the Local storage technology, our websites may also use other technologies and technical solutions to access information stored in a browser / an end user device, which operation is necessary to use our Websites or desirable due to their specificity. We also use third-party analytical software (e.g. Google Analytics) that places user codes on the User's device to collect data about Users.


How can I change cookies settings or delete them?

Most of web browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. However, you can change your browser settings so that cookies are blocked - in whole or in part, e.g. only from third parties, or to receive a message each time when Cookies are sent to your device. However you must remember that if you block cookies used by us, this may negatively affect the convenience of our Websites usage, e.g. you may not receive personalized information while viewing the sites. You will also prevent us from collecting information about the use of our websites in order to improve their content and services constantly.