Almost 50years of experience

The firm

Almost 50 years of quality development

Agromet company was established in 1975. At the beginning it specialized in the manufacture of simple items by machining method. Together with growing experience and machinery expansion, the items have become more complex and detailed. Design of gearboxes upon Customer requirements as well as own products turned out to be the crucial moment for the company (you can learn about designing programs in our presentation). Manufacture of bevel and cylindrical gearboxes have been chosen as key development direction.

International brand

Nowadays, Agromet occupies a strong position on the European market. Its products are distributed in i.a.: Poland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Austria, Sweden and Malaysia. The Company provides specialist and highly precise elements for harbour cranes, hydraulics, automotive and railways. As a member of SFB Schwäbische Formdrehteile GmbH & Co. KG Babenhausen German capital group Agromet combines Polish creativity together with German precision.

From a design to a finished product

Agromet mission is to provide professional and comprehensive service so the products meet even the most unusual requirements. Each component is carefully calculated by means of advanced MES tools and designed for future tasks implementation as well as faultless operation. It is made of selected materials and subjected to precise machining. In quality control processes a certified 3D machine is applied to provide a guarantee for reliable and credible measurement. Low material and energy consumption are the main concerns for environmental protection. The Company’s priority is production processes optimization and the highest product quality at the same time. Modern and advanced ERP Infor SyteLine system with integrated APS module helps to implement the objectives.

Tailored Solutions

The company invests in its development continuously so to respond to Customer needs and follow the newest trends in the industry. Wide range of own products and services enables to find a suitable gear for each order. Projects on basis of provided drawings are also carried out. Best efforts are used to offer you the product you need.


The highest quality of services and close production processes monitoring are confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.